“Seeing is believing” which is exactly one of our collection’s advantage in an over saturated retail market, it’s spectacular visual eye catching story telling prints, scrumptious sorbet powder color palette provides an entertaining museum like shopping experience. The Haeckel Haus Co. is not just another designer brand but a concept collection.  Luxury resortwear,  swimsuits, fashion, accessories and interior decor. 

The Haeckel Haus Co. designs are influenced by images of vintage science, curiosities of nature and other antique cultural themes.  Ironically our logo is a science numbered plate.  Our fabrics are designed with sea salt stain, sun faded, vintage textures. Our iconic designs evolve into prints on various fashion supports: scarves, totes, swimsuits, shirts, shirt-dresses and other garments, from use of full prints to surprise interior linings. Our extraordinary theme prints are perfect for Interior décor items such as tablecloths, pillows, trays, tiles, tables, upholstery, wallpaper, etc.  One of the many advantages we have is the depth of our concept and the unlimited array of possibilities like nature and culture itself.       

 After year’s of designer name labels and bling-glitz style, Haeckel Haus Co. offers a fresh new luxury cultural collection with an exciting entertaining, educational, vintage museum experience.

 Unique characteristics of the collection/

             -The prints are strategically placed or over sized. They entail amazing details that tell a                 story based on vintage science and culture, designed with a provocative edge.   

             -The collection is presented with vintage luxury glamour style by matching accessories                    and sets, that allow a modern multifunctional wardrobe to chicly adapt from day to                      night.

              -A color palette of delicious powdery sorbet tones. Prints are created with the end use                   in mind from the debut, colors that you want to wear. 

             -Haeckel Haus Co. logo is a unique numbered vintage science plate.


                         “Haeckel Haus Co. goes to the roots of Ecology”


  • Haeckel Haus Co. concept demands a sophisticated, culturally intellectual luxury market due to it’s own personality nature.  Today’s world market has increased demand for luxury and fresh new products with cutting edge. There is a missing fashion brand (non bling glitz) but a cultural sophisticated classic collection with modern Euro-American style with today’s global concerns.  A world traveler friendly concept.  An updated “Hermes”.


  • Haeckel Haus Co. brand expertly fits with the growing demand of vintage designer label fashion boutiques, which now attract celebrities.  Museum boutiques and other cultural galleries are clients also attracted to the brand.

            Haeckel Haus Co. brand works as a custom event designer brand for world prestigious                   hotels, resorts and other special VIP events by client requests.  

            Examples such as the “Monte Carlo Jumping” for Princess Charlotte, the most prestigious               horse event in June 2013. Castell Son Claret -Chateaux, (Palma de Mallorca), V.I.P.                       holiday events in Ibiza. Created a custom collection for the Hamptons, The Topping House             Hotel resort. 

            Creates for the Paris brand, Ines De la Fressange.